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    Data Visualization - A Window To The Future

    You need to see it to believe it this holds true for almost everything be it technical or non-technical. Today, in organizations, what is most popular as a visual delight is Data Visualization. It acts as a fore front for any type of information pictured in a graphical format. Since ages, enterprises have been leaning on charts / maps / diagrams etc. to get into the groove of the information heaps. But, with the ever mounting data bundles, there has to be some technology which is competitive enough to encompass the entire gamut of information in its umbrella and cull out desired outputs. Data Visualization has, over the time, proven to be one such technique. It is always welcomed by any human eye to appreciate any kind of displayed information in the form of diagrams / pictures rather tha
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    Java Embedded - A Big Thrust To Internet of Things

    You see any corner of the IT globe and you find Java prevailing everywhere. Be its simple and robust approach or its quality orientation or its cost effective solution, Java has been holding the reigns of the IT market since years as one of the apex programming languages. Adding feathers to its cap, Java has come up with umpteen new technologies, one of which is Java Embedded which proves to be an extension to Java and resides in embedded devices such as chips, sensors, microcontrollers and many more. It is the fundamental block to the entire rise of upcoming technologies like IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M (Machine to Machine). Devices with Java Embedded support intelligent systems being utilized in varied service areas and domains and also provide a seamless integration between the cl
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