Mobile Back-office Development Using Java

12 Aug 2013

Its the world of mobility and if you are not having your application, which can run on mobile devices, you are losing lots of potential customers every day. At the same time, nowadays we cant imagine our life or business without mobile or smartphone devices. With a smart phone market growing like anything, each customer needs their application on smart phones. Potentially looking at the markets you would want to start with 2 platforms at least. 1) iPhone & 2) Andriod.

Both iPhone and Andriod based application need some data from the server or need some communication with server to get the required data. General solution approach is to have web services written on the server side as a common code, which can be used by any of the platform. Now the questions come: How do I write those web services? Should I use Java OR should I use PHP or what?

application development using java

Application Development Using Java

SPEC INDIA suggests using their in house web service framework written in Java to solve your problem for a framework to write back-end part of mobile application. It is build around core Jersey framework which is a very standard framework to build web services in Java. It provides ideal support for developing web services in REST manner. SPEC INDIA built it framework offers more than that. It offers:

o Enhanced security mechanism for REST communication
o Proper exception handling
o Built in cache support
o Connection pooling for DB related stuff
o Various interceptors to measure performance metrics

The really beauty of this framework is, its ease of use and development friendliness. As a java mobile application developer you just write your pure business logic in a simple method and rest is taken care by the framework. It offers great productivity to the team and cost benefit to the end customer which matters a lot.

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