Location Based iOS Application Development Solutions From SPEC INDIA

17 Jan 2014

Day by day technology updates and gives a miracle output to the world. If we talking about mobile application it is one the valuable gift from our IT industry. Before for getting information about geographical area we are using physical paper maps. But today no need to follow that typical way, technology brings you ahead. Your mobile device guides you and indicates you the way. It is calling GIS (Geographic Information System). It is a technology which integrate the geographical data and deliver you as a location based system. iOS added this feature in its devices iPhone/iPad as a mobile applications.

Today mobile GPS and GIS technology is become very attractive amongst the several industry like travel, airline, roadways, transport, shipping industry. This type of application is efficiently used by such type of travel industry to guide their travel agent. Today adaption and innovation is essential to survive. Automobile industry also added a GPS based location locator into their vehicles. Today mobile technology allows you to rotate the world on your fingers. iOS mobile application provide you a 3D map technology and GPS tracking system. There are lots of benefits of location based application in mobile phones. You can use it as a e-compass and also get information about surrounded spots or places. You can plan your shortest travel route as well as able to find your expected locations.

iOS Application Development Solutions

iOS Application Development Solutions

SPEC INDIA delivers you a very innovative portfolio of location based iOS mobile applications development. It will contain very effective feature sets and change your view to imagine about earth. SPEC INDIA has very skilled resources with high qualification and having experience in developing this GPS based mobile application. Our developers worked with many global clients and successfully deliver mobile application portfolio to them. SPEC INDIA has expertise into iPhone/iPad and tablet application development. iOS allows you to develop and apply innovation and our highly skilled developers know very well to use it efficiently.

a) Airlines iOS Applications
b) Banking iOS Applications
c) Gaming iOS Applications
d) GPS based iOS applications
e) Restaurant iOS applications etc.

SPEC INDIA is an ISO an ISO 9001:2008 certified global software outsourcing and custom application development company based in Ahmedabad, India. It has vast portfolio other than mobile application development with different platforms like Android, Blackberry, Windows, J2ME. Other than this iPhone Quality Applications have deliver offshore development services, custom software development application, legacy application migration, and software quality testing services. SPEC INDIA delivered proven solutions like mobile sales-force automation solutions, inventory management, order management to several fortune 100 clients. Company has expertise into software quality testing services, offshore development. For more information you can visit company website www.spec-india.com Feel free to discuss with us at lead@spec-india.com for your business requirement belongs to our portfolio.




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