Google Android Kitkat Features

15 Apr 2014

Google Android has gained a huge market share for smart phone and tablets. The Googles mobile OS had become a benchmark for many mobile innovation and new technologies. Till late the only drawback in Google devices was the not-so-elegant user interface as compared to the obvious competitors, iOS and Windows Phone.

Recent versions of Android bring with them a number of improvements that take the Android User Experience at a completely new level. Currently, Android 4.4 KitKat is available for the Google Nexus 5 device, but will soon be available for the Nexus 4, 7 and 10 in coming months, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One. Google Play Edition is already available for smartphone users.

These are the improvised features in the latest Android version.

Better Memory Management

  • Its fast that less than half of all Android OS phones are running with Android 4.x
  • The new KitKat version is designed to run on devices with as little as 512MB of RAM
  • Google provides developers and OEM manufacturers with tools and options to take advantage of these improvements
  • Multitasking is much easier by this memory improvement

Easy To Activate Google Now

  • Google Now activation is much simpler, just by saying “OK Google”
  • The Google New cards help to predict information needed based on location, favorite sites or TV programs
  • In KitKat version a new app-linking feature is added where the Google search results are linked with the installed apps

Upgraded Google Hangout App

  • With KitKat, Google Hangouts now supports SMS and MMS keeping all the messages in the same app
  • With Hangout it is possible to make HD video calls
  • Additional animated GIFs and location sharing through Google Maps are improved, making Google Hangouts an all-in-one solution

Smarter Caller ID

  • A fresh new design makes the default Phone App smarter and crispier
  • Before dialing, users can find search field to locate contact info listed in Google Maps which can be used to verify caller ID or get additional information about business contacts

Immersive Mode

  • The new immersive mode hides everything except the active app to improve clarity
  • Swiping the edge of the screen brings back the status bar and navigation buttons

Good Cloud Storage Solutions

  • The latest version support for cloud storage solutions such as Google Drive is built into the OS
  • Users can use a cloud seamlessly now

Google Cloud Print

  • Google Cloud Print directly can send print documents over WiFi or Bluetooth to wireless printers


  • Find improved user accessibility by adding support for system-wide closed captioning settings with Android 4.4 version

Artistic Lock Screen

  • Not only widgets but other apps can see in lock screen by Android 4.4.
  • So, for instance, if you are listening to music or streaming movies via Chromecast, your devices lock screen will show the full screen album or movie art.
  • Along with this you can control play, pause and seek, all from the lock screen.

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