How Does Software Testing Play A Pivotal Role For Quality Assurance?

10 Jun 2014

A key element of any software development project is software testing. A comprehensive process including the validation and verification of any software application / product is software testing. Its main motto is to guarantee quality assurance and a robust, scalable and enriched product. As per traditional beliefs, software testing plays a role only once the code is developed and is about to be implemented. But, as per modern techniques, testing is an integrated phase in each and every stage of the life cycle, so ensure timely correction of bugs and less rework and customer satisfaction.

Why Software Testing is Essential?

Software to be implemented is worthless without software testing. The basic motto behind software testing is to ensure that the developed product / application and the customer requirements match to the best possible point. It is equally essential to see to it that maximum errors, bugs and defects are pointed out during this software testing phases, so that the final application that reaches the customer is bug free and quality rich. It also identifies the correctness and completeness of the end product. Along with the application details, it also ensures if the system procedures and processes are being followed throughout the life cycle or not, thus yielding maximum quality output from the application. It is imperative that the testing has to be done in various combinations of inputs and in different environments. Enriching the quality of the product, quick error detection, client satisfaction and happiness and less rework and time saving are the primary focus areas while performing any type of software testing.

Testing Tools and Types

o Usability testing o Regression testing
o Recovery testing o Automated testing
o Browser compatibility testing o Performance testing
o Stress testing o Functional testing
o Load testing o Database testing
o Security testing o System testing
o Mobile Application testing o Compatibility testing
o Web based application testing o Code review

Based on the application, there are mainly three types of testing:

  • Desktop Application Testing
  • Web Applications Testing
  • Mobile Applications Testing

Looking at todays emerging technologies, a widely spread testing process Agile Software Testing has become increasingly popular, in which testing is a part and parcel of the entire software development process, not just the testing phase. Because of this, the code is tested and strengthened right from start and hence there are minimal chances of rework, errors and lack of understanding between the development team and the client.

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