Windows Phone 8.1 - How Benefitial To Developers and Users

3 Jul 2014

In 2014, At annual conference Microsoft revealed new OS called 8.1 for windows phones. That announcement was very important as there was something new from this techno giant as well as this new OS finally brought convergence of desktop and mobile OS. There are many other new features too in this new OS.


Change In Name: The first big change in this OS is that the documentation of mobile apps is combined/merged with documentation of windows store apps. Many things is common in both the system and thus this combination will going to help a lot within single document.

Expanding Platform Convergence: Windows 8’s path is set to convergence with window OS as it has some run time APIs of windows. Due to this developers can able to develop and run the single application on both mobile and desktop.

Life cycle, deployment and UI framework is same for both the system. Windows store app permits use of equal namespace too.

Other New Features:

  • Background transfer is possible now without having particular application running. You can transfer , queue, upload, download the things in the background mode.
  • All the media APIs of windows 8 and 8.1 is available for this new OS.
  • Push Notification service is now available with the background support of Microsoft.
  • Big and new feature is Action Center, with this developer can send notifications to users very easily.
  • Windows media playback player has replaced the background audio and there is an expansion of DirectX support.

UI Controls: UI control is awesome in 8.1. Panorama is renamed as hub control. There are many new controlls available like FlipView, GridView, ListView, RichEditBox, PasswordBox and SemanticZoon. There is amazing improvement in the accessibility which provides automatic text zoom and great contrast. You can also manage the appointments as it is now included in 8.1.

Storage: Here the big change comes, windows 8.1 phone can read and write from external memory card and also APIs of Windows storage namespace is available too.

Compatibility: Here problem is exsits. Users who are having windows 8 OS will face issues to run the app after upgrading to 8.1. Some of the applications will not run in new OS. This makes developers work hard again. They have to prepare the compatible applications especially for 8.1.

Apps Development: After the new OS launch, many developers are trying hard to develop apps specially run on windows 8.1 OS. In last month only Microsoft released the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview version in the middle of the same month.

Overall windows 8.1 OS is great one for both developers and users except the compatibility support. We believe that window will find out solution for that too.

Recently only there were several reports suggesting the official roll out of Windows Phone 8.1 although there was no official word on the same. Its expected that Windows Phone 8.1 would be released in July.

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