Android L - The Future of Android

18 Sep 2014

What will Google call it? Lollipop, Lemon Pie or simply Android 5.0 L; It really does not matter. We will soon hold it, wear it, watch it and drive it. After Google I/O 2014 we are eagerly waiting for Android L which would bring uniformity across all gadgets that are more than a part of our lives.

Android L  The Future of Android

Material Design

A complete overhaul in the look and feel - the user interface is more human. The objects in this design have physical surfaces, edges and shadows. The visuals, animations and interactions remain consistent across platforms and devices. This redesigned user interface is truly responsive and adapts to the ever growing display requirements of the devices we hold, wear, watch or drive.

Project Volta

What could really prove to be the need of the times, the Project Volta, is aimed at improving the battery life in the Android L powered devices. Under this, the Battery Historian app manages the chronological records of battery usage by different apps and tasks. Smart actions can be devised for battery drainer culprits.

The device is kept dormant most of the times by a new Job Scheduler API which schedules tasks when the device is charging or holds enough charge. Low battery propels the battery saver to automatically shut down unnecessary processes, slow down the CPU and abort background data transfers. It is expected that battery lives could be extended up to ninety percent.

Platform changes

Internal changes to the platform improve application performances, with the Android Runtime ART officially replacing Dalvik. ART is much swifter, but needs more storage space for apps.


Notifications are displayed as a stack of cards on the lock screen itself. The easy access from the lock screen is in addition to the banner display across the top of the screen along with other apps.

USB & Bluetooth Support

Android L introduces a new API for USB audio, enabling transmission of digital audio back and forth across various Android powered devices and simple USB enabled headphones. Native support for Bluetooth 4.1 is integrated as well. Bluetooth 4.1 improves connectivity, allowing simpler communication between devices.

Android Auto

Android L is designed to transmit Android Auto to the car dashboards. This brand new interface integrates GPS enabled navigation and viewing of maps through the Android phones on the car display.

Android TV

Probably the next gen TV system is ushered in too! Controlling the TV and its set top box, with Android phone and making the TV an extended screen of the phone itself to play games, watch videos and much more makes Android TV a great value addition to Android L.

And thats not all. The best of Google is built in too. Maps, Calendar, Gmail & You tube Google plus, Chrome, Google Camera and the rest.

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