Data Visualization - A Window To The Future

2 Jan 2015

You need to see it to believe it this holds true for almost everything be it technical or non-technical. Today, in organizations, what is most popular as a visual delight is Data Visualization. It acts as a fore front for any type of information pictured in a graphical format. Since ages, enterprises have been leaning on charts / maps / diagrams etc. to get into the groove of the information heaps. But, with the ever mounting data bundles, there has to be some technology which is competitive enough to encompass the entire gamut of information in its umbrella and cull out desired outputs. Data Visualization has, over the time, proven to be one such technique. It is always welcomed by any human eye to appreciate any kind of displayed information in the form of diagrams / pictures rather than plain text or numbers. It proves to be a thorough understanding of the content, whatever type it may be.

Because of the need to organize huge volumes of data, Big Data is a hit technology which looks at creation and maintenance of structured and unstructured data increasing in the organization. Data Visualization acts as a fundamental area in Big Data Analytics.

Adding a step further, comes Interactive Visualization which showcases interactive sessions clubbed with facts and figures in a diagrammatic form. This lets the end user dig deeper into the data with various options and parameter changes to achieve required output.

Why Data Visualization?

  • Information in a simplified format
  • Approach that is more understandable and receptive
  • Diverse charts and diagrams with interactive mechanism
  • Extort valuable information by digging deeper into reports
  • Analyse and Improve business opportunities
  • Risk mitigation
  • Increase in productivity owing to time saving and better results
  • Forecasting of business prospects
  • Extracts multiple useful patterns

Popular Data Visualization Mechanisms

Popular Data Visualization Mechanisms

  • Interactive Dashboard: An eye catching analytic to visualize your data, search as per need, filter with parameters, drill down to details, obtain visually alluring insight.
  • Balanced Scorecard: A tool to align business activities to the goal of the organization, improve communication within teams and focus on the strategic outline of the organization.
  • Mashups: An amalgamation of data from mixed sources, be it digital or from third party applications, leading to modular component design.

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